Maintenance Service Company

We work with smaller operations as their maintenance/service partner in  spaces up to and including 500,000 square feet with a full maintenance team. We work with small food companies that are essentially family-run diners with shops of 1000 square feet, as well as larger companies like Maple Leaf Foods with 500,000 square feet of space. Within these larger companies that have full maintenance staff, we provide shift relief for those on vacation or sick leave, we look after their equipment, and repair malfunctioning equipment.

The core of our business is to service medium-sized companies. We are a mobile service company of millwright/industrial mechanics. I currently run a two-person shop and together we are qualified to complete preventative maintenance repairs.


We are in our 6th year of operation and our business continues to grow through great relationships with our customers. There are 2 millwrights who work in the company and we are large enough to service the small to big companies. I have 25 years of experience ranging from maintenance manager to packaging technician to director of plant engineering. Together we have 50 years of experience, thus affording us the knowledge to run a company with valuable expertise.

Our Values:

Our goal is to support our customers’ operations to help them achieve maximum efficiency. Our motto is essentially: if we don’t fix it, we don’t charge for it. We take pride in our business integrity and valuing our customers. We place importance on customer appreciation and this helps to build trust and excellent working relationships with all of our customers. As millwrights, we have a positive working relationship. It is apparent that a pride in ownership and customer satisfaction creates happy employees.

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